Michele Faissola

Founder of Faissola Foundation

Originally from Taggia, a small Italian coastal town of just 14,000 inhabitants, Michele Faissola became a global investment specialist who has played an active and important role in shaping the financial industry as we know it today. With the creation of the Faissola Foundation, Michele has now set new goals in changing and improving the futures of underprivileged children and young people across the globe, enabling them to reach and express their full potential despite their disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

The importance of education, and equal opportunity of access to it, was impressed upon Michele from an early age and throughout his childhood by his parents, who were both teachers. His father, Gian Franco, was headmaster of several schools in the Liguria region, while his mother, Liliana, was an elementary school teacher for over 40 years. It is in the memory and honour of his parents that Michele established the Faissola Foundation in 2020.

Michele Faissola - Faissola Foundation

Michele’s own 30 years of experience in financial services have spanned investment banking, capital markets, wealth management, and asset management. For a large part of his career, he worked at Deutsche Bank in a variety of senior roles, managing total client assets of almost $1.5 trillion and supervising a team of more than 6,000 people in 33 countries across the globe.

Michele currently lives in London with his wife and three children and continues to provide his expert, independent advice to a wide range of clients. In his spare time, he enjoys motor racing as well as skiing and he is passionate about contemporary art. The values inherited from his parents continue to inform his life, also finding expression in his Medium blog account, where he writes about children, education, and technology.

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