Nourishing the Talent of Children and Young People in Need.

Who we are

Our story

The Faissola Foundation was founded in 2020 by Michele Faissola, an international investment specialist. The foundation was created in memory of his father and in honor of his mother, who both dedicated their lives to the field of education.

Faissola’s father, Gian Franco Faissola, served as the headmaster of many schools in Liguria, Italy. His mother, Liliana Faissola, was an elementary school teacher there for over 40-years.


Research shows that even before Covid 19 struck, not one European country was free of child poverty. According to a 2019 study by Eurochild.org, 22.7 million children in Europe are at risk of child poverty and social exclusion. Another study by Eurostat found that at the dawn of 2020 an average of 22.5% of children in the EU 27 were at risk of poverty and social exclusion. A report by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics shows that in 2016 263 million children and teens were out of school; that’s almost a fifth of the global population of this age group. These numbers were worryingly high before Corona, and once the implications of the global crisis fully set in, they are expected rise significantly.


Poverty has a root cause: inequality ,and in Europe inequality is rising. Although children are all born equal, they do not have access to equal opportunities. Children who grow up in poverty and suffer from social exclusion are less likely to succeed in school and realize their full potential later in life. Our goal is to give them the tools and essential resources to change that and build a good life for themselves.

All Children Deserve a Bright Future

The Faissola Foundation aims to address child poverty and inequality by providing educational support to children and young people in need due to their socioeconomic circumstances. We strongly believe that all children deserve a bright future irrespective of the conditions in which they are raised. In order to achieve such a future some may need a little extra support in the form of a safe space and supportive environment to keep up with their school work and develop their technological, financial and language skills. 


Making a Difference in the Lives of Children

The Faissola Foundation endeavors to make a lasting difference in the lives of children and young people with socioeconomic difficulties in Europe. We believe that the ability of an individual to succeed should not be limited by financial or familial background, rather it should be promoted through education and support.

The Foundation aims to assist children and young people in their educational journey by providing them with motivation, dedicated financial and emotional support, and the opportunity to gain knowledge which will be the foundation for their long-term professional and personal success.

Our foundation is built on the belief that a basic understanding of technology, accounting, and the English language is vital for the development of a successful life and career. Our goal is to provide these skills and cultivate the talents of all children, teens, and young adults who participate in our programs.

With dedicated guidance, these disadvantaged young people can and will enjoy the opportunity to thrive. Helping them to reap the maximum benefit of education is the key to unlocking a better future.

Our symbol

Faissola Foundation logo
Our roots are in Taggia, where the “Taggiasche” olives have long been considered the best in the world. Therefore, we have chosen the olive tree as our symbol as it globally represents peace and friendship—both fundamental aspects in developing our society.

The olive tree also provides shelter from the sun, a space to retreat to, and reflect and learn under, as well as an opportunity to climb and play. As children are the foundation of every society, this symbol further represents safety, growth and, of course, playfulness. The Faissola Foundation envisions providing these essential building blocks to help the disadvantaged youth in Europe reach their full potential.

What we do

The Faissola Foundation is on a mission to provide equal opportunities to young people of all genders and backgrounds by helping them perform well in school and by teaching them essential technological, mathematical, financial, and language skills in a safe and positive environment.

Together with our partners and volunteers, we are working towards the development of a network of learning centres for disadvantaged children and young people as well as night schools for adults seeking a technological or financial education.

Each learning centre will offer several workstations, complete with computers, Wi-Fi, access to high quality online courses, and necessary support. The centres will also offer practical courses in basic tech, accounting, language, and more, which will be available in person and remotely depending on circumstances and needs.

At a later stage, the foundation will also offer up to five scholarships a year to young adults in need of financial support in order to obtain higher education.



Education Centres

The Faissola Foundation makes use of abandoned and empty spaces managed by local churches, municipalities, or other entities. By refurbishing and transforming these facilities into educational centres, the Foundation is able to offer children and young people aged between 11 and 18, a safe place to spend time and to study after school hours. 

At these centres, students will receive online study materials and educational guidance from teachers, industry professionals, and volunteers. By offering a safe, welcoming and supportive learning environment, the Faissola Foundation aims to encourage independent learning and professional development and help children, young people, and adults reach their full academic and professional potential


Taggia Learning Centre

Our first project is an educational centre in Taggia, Italy, scheduled to open in 2021. Run by a dedicated team of local volunteers, the centre will offer one-on-one assistance with homework assignments, free online courses in technology, English, and basic accounting ,and workshops with leading professionals in these fields.

The centre is being developed in collaboration with the local municipality, church, and school system to make sure it offers the best and most relevant support to whomever needs it. In the evenings, the centre will function as a night school for adults (18+) who wish to add digital and financial studies to their professional toolkit in order to advance their career.

Over time, the Foundation will develop similar educational centres in other locations with an aim to expand to the United Kingdom and then the rest of continental Europe.


The Foundation strives to allocate capital in the most efficient way. Existing infrastructure will be leveraged, and capital will be allocated practically to both existing and new programs and incentives




The Foundation works in collaboration with teachers, tech and finance professionals, and volunteers who are motivated by a desire to help their community. Together we will share the goal and determination to help disadvantaged children and young people to thrive.

At the Faissola Foundation, we are strong believers in kindness, inclusion, and mutual support. In order to promote these values, we make a point of working together with the local community to elevate its members. While each centre will be professionally managed, all day to day activity will be run by local volunteers, some of whom will be current or former centre attendees.

We will also work closely with local councils, schools, churches, and other reputable organizations in order to make sure we reach all facets of the community and offer local children and young people the empowerment they need.

Additionally, we are proud to give influential professionals the opportunity to share their knowledge and give back to the community. We invite people with a successful career in tech and finance to offer in person or remote courses and workshops based on their experience and unique toolkit.


The key driving vision is that all kids are equal, regardless of their social and economic backgrounds. It has been proven by scientific evidence and statistical data that talented people come from all kinds of backgrounds. With the correct guidance, any child can secure a brighter future.


Michele Faissola, Founder 

Michele Faissola is a former banker with over 30 years of experience in investment banking, capital markets, wealth management, and asset management. He provides expert, independent financial advice to a range of clients and sits on the board of several companies. He is also the CEO of one of the largest family offices.

Michele will advise on all aspects of the foundation and lead its fundraising initiatives.

Maria Faissola, Chairman

Maria Faissola is a former international banker with experience in emerging markets, and a mother of three children.

Maria will coordinate the foundation’s efforts on the ground to ensure that the investments make a positive impact on the lives of these young people.

Giuseppe Cervoni, Director

Giuseppe Cervoni is a civil engineer with specialisation in architecture. He is qualified in many countries and a member of the British Engineering Council, the British Institution of Civil Engineers, the Italian Council of Engineers, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also an affiliated member of the Royal Institute of British Architects in the UK.

Giuseppe will offer technical support to make sure that the centres reach their potential.

Ivo Donato Tiri, Director

Ivo Donato Tiri is an experienced lawyer in civil and criminal law. Ivo’s law firm, which was founded by his father, has worked on many important cases in various Italian courts.

Ivo will assist the foundation with the legal aspects of its operations and will maintain relationships with local municipalities and councils.


Partner with us

Shaping a Better Future For Our Children

With the goal of shaping a better future for our children, the Faissola Foundation will be partnering with community leaders, including religious institutions of all denominations, schools and municipalities. We would like to invite other community leaders in these areas to work with us in a collaborative effort to bring about positive change.




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We will be working closely with community leaders, shaping a brighter future for our local communities. Should you be interested in getting involved, please contact us.

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